I See You In A Different Light Than You See Yourself


I see you in ways you should start seeing yourself,
in a different light.

Neon light,
your smile brightens up the darkest parts of my heart.
Where distress seeps, your laugh draws from cold streets, I see you.
You guide my way, giving me a home to go towards,
when the city noise pulls me back.
Neon light, you enlighten my life.

Search light,
You’ve found me, motionless in a ditch.
Energy I don’t have, pain I don’t want to have, you see me.
Rescue me, brightness that gives me strength.
Continue to be this person, and I’ll find solace in your arms.
Search light, you’re hope to my painful night.

Flashing light,
There’s pain behind your eyes,
You’re trying to hide it, desperately but honey, I see you.
Your guard is up and there’s warning signs but pay them no attention.
They’re insecurity, you know.
Flashing light, let me end your strife.

Sun light,
Eyes like a summer glow,
Warmth of you, from outside in and inside out,
Kicking up dust below, like as the child in you dreams of, I see him.
Sun light, you’ll always be bright in my eyes.

Moon light,
As the water ripples
Two reflections, I see you in me,
And the wolf in me, name her Reckless, you see her.
You calm her, peace of mind in midnight air, until whimpers become howls.
Moon light, for you, I’ll always be willing to fight.

Star light,
if I could bask in your boldness, I would,
and if you collide, I will be there, I will see you,
Grant me one wish, one promise,
Star light, you will be my beacon of light.

Head light,
blinding my doe eyes, you come to see me,
But I wish not to be gazed upon in superficial light.
Release from your fear, I remain not to hurt you.
Head light, reminding me I’m alive.

You are not the darkness that you think you are,
as you are far more golden than the brightest star.