I Refuse To Be Anything But Happy


I refuse to be anything but happy and I won’t stop until I am. I want to wake up in the morning and smile because of how great everything is going.

I want to do all things I have thought about since I was a little girl, and not worry about the ones I haven’t because I know one day there is going to be a check mark next to them just like the others. I want to be able to show my children that just because you are an adult with a family, job and responsibilities doesn’t mean you have to not like the life you are living.

I promise myself that I am not going to the fears I have hold me back and not overpower me. I promise that I won’t let my worries of my yesterdays and tomorrows ruin the today I have. I promise not to think I am not good enough or that there are others much better than the me there is. I promise I will take time out of my day to reflect on the great things I have and thank God for putting them in my life.

I won’t let guys tell me things about myself that aren’t true. I won’t let the people who don’t know me affect me. I won’t let those who don’t matter have a say in the choice of life I live. I won’t let bad days get to me. I won’t let minor problems turn into huge ones.
I will be happy. I will be the reason I smile and someone else smiles today. I will show people that I am not the person I was years ago. I will lead a good life. I will not let anything stop me from doing that.

I want to wake up knowing it’s going to be a great day.

I refuse to be anything but happy and I won’t stop till I am.