I Realized I’m Blessed Without You 


We talked about our future together. We talked about having a beautiful weddings and kids. We talked about where we should go for our honeymoon. We talked about where we should live, how our first house going to be like, how you would want a big fish aquarium inside our master room. We talked about where we should send our kids to for their university. We talked about things we didn’t even know that now will never come true.

I didn’t regret what we went through together. I didn’t regret what we shared together. I didn’t regret the time we spent together, after all, you were once the reason I have my brightest smile. I didn’t regret the tears I had shed. I didn’t regret the painful memories I have to carry after the breakup. But, I regret letting you walk over me again and again. I regret letting you think that it is okay to hurt me. Most importantly, I regret losing myself in the process of valuing you too much. 

I finally learned to laugh and smile without you. I learned that I can do anything by myself without depending on you.

I learned how to enjoy the simplest moment that I once take for granted. I learned that I am actually surrounded by people who cherish, appreciate and love me in every way. I learned to love despite I am broken. I learned to forgive without an apology. Most importantly, I learned that I am actually stronger than what I thought.

I will always be grateful that I find out now who you truly are. I am grateful that you will never be the dad of my children. I am grateful that now I will have chance to meet the guy who will cherish me. I am grateful for the chance you gave me to realize the strength I have within me. I am grateful that we are over so I can open my eyes to see how blessed I am. 

We never had our closure and I hope this will be the closure for us. Saying this, I am finally letting you go.