I Never Understood Why They Called It ‘Making Love’ Until I Met You


I always have had a hard time describing sex without being too vulgar or too tame about it, but allow me to try.

You kissing me felt like every good dream I’ve ever had coming true. You know, those dreams where you wake up slowly and before you realize that you are actually dreaming, you have those few perfect moments of bliss. Kissing you felt kind of like jumping into an ice cold pool on the hottest day of the summer. Covered in sweat, you are suddenly completely immersed in the rush of cool water, filling every part of you. Completely immersed.

Your lips on mine felt like stepping into a steaming hot shower after you came in from playing in the snow.

Your frozen wind burnt skin beginning to get all red and tingly under the water. Feeling you lying on top of me, kissing me here and there, felt like I had just been running for miles and miles with bare feet, and finally stopped and laid down in the soft freshly cut summer grass. Staring up at the clouds slowly floating by, eyes filled with the beauty all around. Hearing you whisper how badly you want me felt like I had been driving all night across state lines, and finally made it to my destination where I can rest my strained eyes and tired bones.

When you grabbed my hands and held them so tightly it felt like watching fireworks light up against the pitch black sky on the fourth of July, like the grand finale, just never wanting it to end.

Holding me as close to you as you possibly could, I could feel your heart beating hard and fast against your chest. It felt like having a song stuck in your head all day and finally being able to blast it on full volume and sing at the top of your lungs. Everything about us in that moment, it felt like being gone for months on a trip around the world and finally walking through your front door, like finally coming home. But it wasn’t that simple. It was more exciting as it was familiar. It was like the first big drop of a roller coaster, like driving late at night as fast as your car can go, feeling the summer air in your hair. It was familiar and new all in one.

I have a thing for listening to heart beats, and after we were finished I could lay there and listen to yours, it almost felt like it was saying finally. I am finally with you. After years of searching. I feel like we were destined to do this. To find each other. In other lives we probably did this too. That’s the only explanation I have. That’s all I got.