I Never Thought You Would Be ‘The One Who Got Away’


Since the day you left, there’s this fiery pain inside my chest. I could not let it go, and probably will not try to do so.

I will let it consume me. I will let it burn every little piece of you inside my heart. I will embrace and hold this tightly. Soon enough, I will get used to it.

I thought you were my hero. All this time, I’ve wanted you to save me from the dreadful scenarios of my life. You can never do it. You were my dreadful scenario.

You let all my love be poured in you until there was nothing left of me.

There are days when you make me feel loved, but a week of crying always follows. This is why I am always scared of happiness. You made me believe that all of the laughter has an equivalent amount of tears.

I thought you were my partner. I thought that we were on the same page, yet you chose to read a different book. I thought that we were looking at the same skies. You once promised that I will never be alone in this journey, but you chose a different path.

We started building our dreams together. Now, all that’s left is the blueprint.

I thought you were my last. We started thinking about our dream house, baby names, and more of our couple goals. I used to practice writing signatures with your surname in it.

I never thought that only the memories will remain. I never thought that you were not meant to stay.

I thought you were the one. The one that will make all the heartbreaks worth it, the one that will love me until the end. I thought you were the answer to my prayers. You were once my dream-do-come-true.

But now, thoughts of you haunt me as nightmares. You are not the one; you are the one that got away.

But still, thank you for breaking my heart. You made me realize life’s greatest lessons. Thank you for giving me the chance to see what I truly deserve. It may hurt a lot at this moment, but eventually things will get better.

Thank you for making me stronger. I still love you. But no, I will not keep on loving you.