I Need You To Understand That You’re Allowed To Leave Him


I need you to understand that it is not okay to be disrespected, abused, lied to or cheated on.

I need you to understand that it is not okay to get comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable in the hopes that someone will change. I need you to stop allowing others to suck your soul dry leaving you in the depths of your despair.

Let me remind you that the person you are in the deep trenches of love with doesn’t really love you. A real lover doesn’t use your deepest secrets against you. A real lover doesn’t disrespect you. A real lover doesn’t get irritated when you ask the same questions, over and over again. A real lover doesn’t get annoyed when you question his whereabouts – and if he does, it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t see how much you want him. A real lover doesn’t make you feel both happy and sad, leaving you somewhere in between due to his wavering love. A real lover will never raise his voice or break your bones to prove a point. A real lover doesn’t ever try to take your power away from you because you’re a woman.

The universe has given you countless nudges, and I know you’ve been ignoring them because the thought of change terrifies you. I also know that the thought of detaching yourself from someone you believe loves you feels like walking away helpless with flesh ripped off your bones exposing deep wounds that even you didn’t know existed. I know the thought of unveiling your vulnerability makes you feel weak in the knees and naked to the world.

It’s time you confront yourself so you can move on to being happy without feeling somewhere in between. Confront yourself on what you already know exists deep inside the vessels of your heart – that you are lovable, powerful, inspirational, beautiful and are deserving of a heart that will pour genuine love into your soul. Confront yourself and know that it isn’t too late to put your broken pieces back together and allow yourself to feel excited to finally laugh out loud with a full heart, sleep at night in peace and to cry only happy tears. Confront yourself that it is finally time to feel comfortable saying “NO” when you are uncomfortable. Push yourself out of your bed that swaddles your pain and stand up on your feet to fight your battles. Lean into your aching heart and face the world with your open wounds, because these wounds are ready to be cleaned and not covered.