I Need You To Stop Breaking My Heart


It still hurts when you are in my life.

It’s been months that we officially broke up and yet you still linger in my life.

You would still text me, call me, giving me the biggest hope that maybe you will come back to me.

I thought I was fine with what you’re doing but you kept dragging me back into the deep dark well.

I want to move on, I want to feel like myself again.

But as much as I want to let you go, I can’t because I still love you and it never ceased. Even though I know you are still in contact with me because you are just lonely, I would ignore that fact and keep hoping for a miracle to happen. Maybe, just maybe, if I keep doing this with you, you will regret your decision and miss being with me.

the words “I miss you” comes out from your drunken mouth from time to time, and it made me wonder that maybe you actually do because obviously drunk people always tell the truth.

My friends always tell me that I’m stupid to keep letting you do this to me, to keep holding on. But what if, if I held on longer, things will get better?

You are in my mind 24/7 yet am I in yours? Do you just look for me when you have no girls responding the way you want them to?

I never asked much from you, just your love.

Why was it so hard for you to commit to me? What am I taking so much from you that you can’t give up? I guess I wasn’t that important to you.

You like me but you like your single life more.

I was so sure that I could make you happy, I could feel it inside that we were meant to be. How could you felt wrong when I felt right?

To my present love, I wish that you could stop doing what you’re doing to me. Stop clinging on to me just because there is nobody that can be there for you like I can right now. One day, when a girl that is better than me comes into your life, I’m the one that’s gonna get hurt.

You keep giving me mixed signals and I can’t let go because I love the idea of being with you.

I don’t have the courage to tell you to let me go, so please have the courage to stop being in my life and let me find peace. Do it for me because you care, because you feel bad.

If you don’t want me, you can’t have me at all.