I Miss You Differently


Reality has come into place and finally, everything is settled. were over. For once the endless thought of us ever crossing paths again has stopped lingering in my mind and it has left for good.

Finally, I’ve come to the realization where I know this is real. Grieving you was a process. Late nights, teary eyes and many thoughts in my head would not let me continue on with my day to day life. You see, I would miss you. I would miss you in the way that every typical teenage girl misses and grieves their first heartbreak. Looking at our old conversations, bringing back old pictures, listening to sad songs and reminiscing about our relationship and what we were and could’ve been.

But finally, I miss you differently.

I miss you in the little things that I do every day.

I miss you by outplaying that song that we would play together during our car rides. Smiling through every beat of it remembering how much you loved singing along.

I miss you by passing by our favorite hang out spot. The place where we first held hands. Getting filled up with the feeling of nostalgia and memories that could never go away.

I miss you in my laughter. Because behind those waves of laughter are many stories and some of those stories include you & the bad and quirky jokes you would say.

I miss you in the daily things I do like to go to school, work and In my free time. Sometimes I wish I could have you around & simply just talk to you.

I miss you in the simple things because missing you isn’t about pain anymore. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll miss you by crying because I don’t have you or want you back in my life. The pain is over, but I just tend to miss you in the littlest of ways. A way where I remember you throughout my day and bring you up in the simplest things wishing you somehow we’re still here going through all of it with me. But it’s okay. At a point in my life, all of those memories and pain will disappear and it will go away. Somehow you will be forgotten like you forgot me and our “once upon a time ” will turn into history.