I Masturbated Myself To A New Personality


As I’m sitting here my hands are shaking, my feet are slowly vibrating back and forth, side to side. My vision is blurred and I don’t want this all to stop. I try and steady my movements but it takes over me. It feels like I’m living in a dream; it’s suddenly surfacing to my newfound reality. It’s true; I masturbated myself to a new personality. Keep up, it get’s complicated quickly.

I’m alone, except for the sounds coming through my earphones. The slow grunt leaves her mouth and radiates through the wires into my ears, the sound vibrates my body and I’m there. Before we get too far into this let me back up a second. I’m physically and literally alone. 5pm gives me 2 and ½ hours to wallow in all that is a bowl of weed, a computer, and myself. Lighting up, logging in, and rubbing one I get what is my first of what I thought would be two orgasms, the second O following quickly after.

There is something about being high while you masturbate, it’s as if every sense is heightened to its fullest sensory capacity. To those who haven’t dabbled in the medicinal product that is marijuana, I’m sorry. For a brief moment try and imagine every possible sexual stimulation pleasured upon you at once, continuously. I know; it’s intense.

As I sat there rubbing from side to side I got what I thought was an undiscoverable treat, a third orgasm. My legs buckled in the air and my vision began to fold. I had never felt the feeling that is total and complete orgasmic potential. I set my computer down and got to my feet, I needed to go to the bathroom.

There was something magical in that third O. My body temperature rose and I felt radiating heat throughout my feet, it rushed up my legs, into my arms and slowly through the rest of me. It’s like I unlocked a super level that is a secret cheat on a video game, one of those unimaginable things you only discover on accident one day while playing.

I’ve unlocked the land that is all possibility, and I love it. If you still can’t tap in, envision it as if I am playing Bradley Cooper’s character from Limitless. I’ve achieved full access to my brain, every life question believable seems as if I know the answer. The world has become my own personal oyster, leading me back to what I originally was talking about. I’ve seemed to masturbate myself to a new personality. Anything imaginable seems possible and I’m dreaming big.

Watch out world, specifically those of the male species, I’m coming for you. Take this as no threat, but that of excitement of a new life. I’m here to experience everything to the fullest. I’m going for the biggest and best things in my life; that’s starting now and I will not hold back. I’m not giving in, I will reach for what I want and not stop until I get there. You need to do the same, make the things in your life feel right. Your life starts when you take the step towards that secret level of life. Look in the mirror and love yourself, trust yourself, and, if you have to, masturbate yourself to a new personality.