I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know


You’re like an angel in disguise who made me see good things when I couldn’t even bear to open my eyes. You’re like that tiny streak of light that ignited hope in my heart when I almost wished for the heavens to take out my sight. You’re like a ball of sunshine, the first one to make me smile and laugh so genuinely after a long time. You’re something new to my senses—like a breather, when everything suffocated me and left me breathless.

It’s funny how you don’t know how special you are—you clearly have no idea what you brought into my life. You have no idea how you changed me, how you turned me into the best version of myself, how you made me free from the shackles that stop me from being the kind of person I am supposed to be. You are my beginning, the one I owe my life to, the one I am willing to give my heart for.

Is it bad for me to say that you’re the missing piece in my puzzle, the half of my heart, the one who makes me feel so alive, the one that the universe intended for me to collide with, to unfold a story that only the heavens could write?

You may just be heaven’s instrument for me to get better. You may only be a lesson—someone who will pass by briskly in my life to teach me something no one else could. You may only be someone I’m meant to meet and leave when our roles in each other’s lives are already portrayed perfectly, leaving us with no choice but to let each other go silently.

Whatever it may be, I hope I get to spend most of my days with you, if not my whole life. I hope we bring so much joy and happiness into each other’s lives. I hope I spark something in you that no one could ever surpass or replace, because honestly, I am living my best life now that I am with you, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I love you more than you’ll ever know, and I will love you in ways that only I know; and no, you don’t have to say or do anything. Just let me love you as much as time allows. Let me show you how you’re supposed to be loved. Let me make you feel appreciated, because you deserve it.

You’re one of a kind. If no one has seen that yet, please know that I do. If no one has said that to you before, well, I am now.

I love you so much, and now you know it.