I Love You In The Little Things


This is for you, a thank you letter for being such a positive, happy, and important role in my life. For picking me up when I’m down, for making me smile when I’m upset, and for proving to me that all the littlest things make the biggest of impacts.


Running errands on a Saturday morning, being lazy and laying around on the couch on a Sunday, and enjoying happy hour on a Monday. My favorite moments are the ones where we are wrapped in each other’s presence, playing cards, having conversations that aren’t forced. Watching new shows on Netflix together and no matter how intriguing, we wouldn’t dare watch ahead because we know how much we each enjoy the show, and we want to share that happiness with one another. Singing together in the car, listening to each other laugh and eating off each other’s plates. Having you finish my beers, knowing how I like my coffee, and always asking if I’m ok with cheese on the burger we are going to share.

As silly as some of this might sound, and as nice as grand gestures can be, I’ll take these little ones any day. I’d rather have a lifetime of happiness in millions of little moments, than in only a few moments in the big ones. Drinking coffee together during the sunrise (ok…One day when I wake up early enough), taking road trips, going to baseball games. I want all of it, all of the wonderful, breathtaking, happy, and little moments, and I want them all to have you in them. You are such a wonderful addition to my life.

Just wanted to remind you that you make the biggest difference in my life, and that I am forever thankful for the way the universe brought us together. Thank you for showing me to not sweat the small stuff and how powerful simplicity can be. With all my love, you’ll forever be my always.