I Love My Bunny: How Furry Little Animals Can Get You Out Of Any Funk


A few years ago I was at my lowest. Bad breakup, just let go from a job I despised (but it paid the bills) and holding onto a few more pounds than I would have liked. I spent my days laying on the floor while listening to Tina Turner on repeat, it was pretty pathetic.

I had always had bouts of depression throughout my life, but this one was by far the worst. I spent days in my pajamas avoiding all contact with the outside world and getting more hopeless by the minute. I started having anxiety attacks just by thinking about venturing out of the house so I refused to leave. It was just me, my ipod and a bottle of wine for weeks.

While I aimlessly searched the internet, I found a blog about a girl who houses rescue bunnies. As though I had been electrocuted for the first time in weeks, I had actual enthusiasm. I needed a rabbit and stat. Being a long time Alice in Wonderland fanatic I fell in love with a white rabbit. He had another name but I said BunBun so many times that it stuck (probably what he’s so angry about).

Finally I had something that required me to be a functional human being. Rabbits are far more high maintenance than me but I loved every minute of cleaning, grooming and preparing gourmet vegan meals for him. Within a week my hopelessness began to dissipate and caring for someone else helped me to get out of my own funk. It may sound silly to most but he kept me from really hurting myself or ending my life. The furry little bugger gave me hope.

I don’t know how familiar you all are with rabbits but they are amongst the most ridiculous animals to walk the earth. They bink when they’re happy (a super awkward jump and wiggle) and are extremely social creatures. You can’t help but feel better when you watch them act like idiots. Animals have an uncanny ability to help us heal and improve our mood, no prescription needed.

Look into adopting whatever animal suits your fancy, although I am team bunny. Having some companionship and unconditional love goes a long way in helping to ease depression and anxiety and can help you to cope with whatever you’re experiencing. Warning in advance though, if you get a bunny say a sad farewell to anything nice you ever owned. Still totally worth it!

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