I Like You, But I Love You


I like you, but I love you.

It’s funny how in an instant a stranger could become a friend. A face in the crowd could suddenly standout. It just takes one moment for our perception of a person to change. One conversation to know a person for who they are.

It only took four words for me to start a conversation with you. “Hey! Are you okay?” In an instant, we clicked and it started a series of conversations about anything and everything. I opened up to you about things I don’t tell anyone. Other people wouldn’t understand but you did. I trusted you and you told me you trusted me too. I had no hesitations when I shared my secrets with you, secrets that I hid from everyone even myself. I shared my problems with you, those that would scare other people away.

People talk about the little things that a person does or remembers. I didn’t believe in the little things and I thought it only existed in movies or books. Now, the little things are what I remember the most. You told me you loved watching movies and that horror was your favorite genre. I hate horror movies because I’m easily scared. You made me want to conquer that fear. I didn’t care what genre a movie was anymore as long as I saw the movie with you.

You told me your favorite food. You told how much of it you could eat. I thought you were exaggerating, until you took me to try them and you finishing all of it. I could still remember everything you ordered in every place we ever ate at. We would usually get different things. You would always ask if what I got was any good. I would always force you to try it and you would make a face like you didn’t want to try what I got.

You need me as a friend. A lie I would tell myself to avoid complicating things. I love you as a friend. I want to be a someone constant in your life, a friend is more constant. I want to stay for the good and the bad. I’d be here to help you with the bad and celebrate the good. I don’t want to risk losing you because of how I feel. I’d miss your laugh and how you’d laugh at the strangest of things. It was weird, but cute at the same time.

I love seeing you happy. Every time I pray, I pray to God to always put a smile on your face and thank Him for you. You inspired me to be a better person each day. And that’s what I’m working on daily. I didn’t need to be with you to want the best things for you. I never had to, I only wanted to. With you, I’ll always be happy knowing you’re part my life and I’m part of yours even if it’s just as friends. I like you, but I love you.