I Like You, And You Probably Like Me Too (But We’ll Never Know)


I like you and you probably like me too.

But we will never know because these are the things we would rather not talk about. We are contented with mixed signals and not giving away ourselves too much. We would play mind games with each other instead of telling what is real.

I like you and you probably like me too.

But it is such a risky thing to do – to open yourself up to someone, unsure whether they want it or not. What if we are better off as friends? I wouldn’t want to risk our friendship for something uncertain. I wouldn’t want to risk myself because I am scared of getting hurt.

I like you and you probably like me too.

But if you do, I should feel it, right? I would be sure of it. Because they said that if someone likes you, you would know. You will be one of his priorities, you would know that he’s thinking about you because he would text you randomly at any time of the day. So, my mind’s really convinced that you don’t really like.

But, my heart’s still justifying your actions, like why did he cook for you? Why did he put his arms around you? Why would he make time for you? Maybe you like me, but I will never know.

I like you and probably I’m okay in not knowing if you like me too.

Because there is a certain kind of thrill that goes along with it whenever you give away a few emotion. There is a thrill in deciphering your tiniest action that will lead me to conclude that yeah, you probably like me too.

There is a thrill to see you do something unexpected, like go out of your way to see me or buy me a gift or something.

I like you and I probably should stop this but a part of me still wants to know if maybe, just maybe, you feel the same way too.

I like you and you probably like me too, but that’s not enough.

Because I do not deserve a maybe or a probably.

I do not deserve to be second-guessing as to where I stand on someone’s life. I deserve someone who knows what he feels and is honest about it. Someone who will not keep me hanging with the words he uttered nor the actions he has shown but actually follows through it.

Despite the thrill of the unknown, the mixed signals, the surprising moves, I would rather be with someone who is sure he wants to be with me too.