I Like Things Messy And That’s Why I Like You 


I like things that are not in order. I like coloring outside the lines. I like spontaneous adventures and I like the sound of things breaking.

I like mess and that’s why I like you.

I like that your words don’t always make sense and sometimes you contradict yourself but that’s how I know you’re speaking from the heart, that you don’t edit your words before you say them and you don’t think too much before telling me how you feel.

I like that you don’t really have a plan but you’re living, you don’t really know where you’re going to be in two years but you’re smiling and you don’t really own anything yet the world is yours.

I like how messy you are because it tells me how real you are. And I like how you don’t try to hide the truth, I like how you don’t hide the real you.

I love how you embrace your mess, I like how you find order in it and I like how you decided to take off your mask and show the world the real and imperfect you. 

I like how your head is messy with thoughts and ideas that could change the world.

I like how your heart is messy with stains and wounds and scars from past lovers.

I like how your soul is messy; attached to lives from the past, attached to things that no longer exist and I love how it sees what’s inside, I love how your soul cuts deeper into other souls and brings their inner light.

I like how you don’t feel the need to clean up after your mess, I like how you see beauty in mess and how you live with your imperfections and I love how you always go the opposite way — I love how you don’t follow the crowd.

Your mess gives me hope, your mess gives me art and your mess makes me believe in humanity again.

Your mess makes me feel like I don’t have to be perfect either, that I don’t have to act neat around you.

I always feel out-of-place when everything is in place, but your mess makes me feel like I belong.

I like things messy and that’s why I like you.