I Hope You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions


When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, the most common I always see is, ”Enroll at a gym.” While that is an incredible resolution and I support it, not many people stick to it.

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution requires self-discipline. You need to be mentally strong so that you can be immune to any temptations. I do my best to choose a resolution each year. I have done one year where the only beverages I drank were water and tea. I have gone one year without ice cream (shout-out to my fellow sweet tooth folks). The ”no ice cream” year presented to be difficult, but I stuck to it because of self-discipline. I ignored all kinds of people who said, ”You have never tried this brand, so have a small bite of my ice cream,” or ”It’s just ice cream. It’s okay to eat it.”

The idea of the New Year’s resolution revolves around self-discipline, your inner thoughts, and your inner strength.

For 2020, I have decided to do these resolutions:

To stop biting my nails.

To set boundaries for certain people in my life.

To put my mental health center stage in the play called “My Life.”

To put my happiness first and make sure that I am in a mental and physical state of happiness.

To say ”yes” to taking more risks in life.

Each one of my above resolutions revolves around my cognitive and physical well-being. For instance, to stop biting my nails, I need to be more mindful and aware of what makes me want to bite my nails in the first place. What triggers my anxiety? What boundaries do I need to set? Are they mental boundaries? Physical? Could it be both sets of boundaries?

Taking care of your mental attitude will allow you to conquer your New Year’s resolution. Remember that a New Year Resolution is all about reminding yourself that you can stick to something. If you are mentally and physically aware of the triggers or temptations that make you want to break your new goal, then you are less likely to give into any temptations at all. It’s about following through with something that you set your mind to.

Do not regret making a New Year’s resolution if in June you are faced with temptations. Simply remind yourself of why you chose that particular resolution. I want to stop biting my nails. This will be the most difficult resolution for me. I will simply have to be mindful of what triggers my anxiety. I will probably have to keep my hands busy at all times in some way. I just know that this resolution will change my life for the better.

Before the end of Spring, you can have your new mindset, new habit, and a new fulfilling lifestyle.

It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to make it part of your lifestyle. Therefore, on the other side, it will take 21 days to break your habit and 90 days to move it into your lifestyle.

Take 21 days of pure self-discipline and a positive mental attitude and in no time it will be 90 days later.

Make 2020 the year all about you. Maintain a positive attitude towards your resolutions. You will see that it will be easier than you think to keep your resolutions intact.

It all starts within the mind and it starts with you.