I Hope You Remember Your Purpose


I hope you remember your purpose. That inner voice that speaks to you every single day. The voice that doesn’t take “no” for an answer and believes in everyone’s best intentions. I hope you listen to it and follow through with every promise you make.

I hope you believe in yourself just as that voice believes in you. It speaks your words into actions and forces you to follow your dreams. To apply for that position. To adopt that dog you’ve been eyeing for ages. To rise to your full potential.

I hope you remember your purpose.

The force that drives you in the right direction and blows wind into your wings. That force will never let you down. It will keep you inspired and motivated until you reach all your goals. It might feel like a small push or like a giant wave of courage flowing through you, but make sure to listen to it when it comes.

Your purpose is eternal and destined only for you. No one else can accomplish the things you’re meant to accomplish. Thus don’t compare your purpose to someone else’s. It’s yours and yours only to achieve. And you have to know that.

I hope you remember your purpose.

It’s the one thing that keeps you alive and well. It follows you day in and day out and makes you who you are. Don’t let fear and comfort zones to dim that light that’s within you. Fight for your purpose and don’t let it die. You won’t get another one.

Nobody’s destined to fulfill your purpose – you’re the only one who can do it. And I know you will. You’re strong, powerful and successful – no one can tell you otherwise.

Whether your dream or purpose is inventing the cure for cancer, spreading positivity everywhere or helping others grow, never stop doing so. It’s the only thing that will save you and keep you alive. The only thing that you should aspire for throughout your life.

I hope you remember your purpose.

Because if you don’t, what else is left?