I Hope You Know You Are Never Too Much


Those who say you’re “too much” do not deserve your muchness. You are not too much. You are a vibrant, passionate, sensitive soul who feels deeply. And your energy, your passion, your zeal, your drive, your dreams, your heart, your hope – those will never be too much for those who value your mind, body, and spirit.

Your energy is not too much. It is electric. It is palpable. It is contagious for those who wish to be moved, it is intimidating to those who do not know how to keep up with it.

Your passion is not too much. It is warm. It is giving. It is as inviting as a hug for those who wish to be carried by your arms, it is uncomfortable to those who cannot make sense of their own emotions.

Your zeal is not too much. It is invigorating. It moves mountains. It shapes and inspires thought. It is inspiring to those who seek movement, it is frightening to those who are comfortable being stagnant.

Your drive is not too much. It propels you forward. It carves your path. It keeps you growing. It is exciting to those who seek a life of education, it is annoying to those who think they know how to do it all.

Your dreams are not too much. They are big. They are sparkly. They are grand and they are beautiful. Your dreams give birth to other dreams, inspiring those around you – that can be overwhelming to those who keep their dreams locked away in a box.

Your heart is not too much. It loves deeply. It feels deeply. It gives freely – and that can be scary to those who do not know how to process, or receive love.

Your hope is not too much. It is what will lift you up. It is what will see you through to tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day after that. Hearts of hope are encouraging to those who cannot see the positive, and discouraging to those who are rooted so far in negativity that they have forgotten what light looks like.

I hope you give your muchness to those who need it, to those who seek it, and to those who understand it.