I Hope You Find Your Own Meaning Of Success


I hope you stop looking around you to measure your own success, for success means different things to different people. There isn’t one perfect picture of what it should be. There isn’t a dollar amount, either. Success doesn’t have one definition.

Maybe, for you, success means a 9 to 5 job. It means that you know where your paycheck is coming from each and every week. It means you know how to get to work without putting the address into a GPS. It means that you know what’s expected of you at your workplace every day – and you take comfort in that. For you, there is peace in that. For you, that makes you happy. For you, this makes you feel secure and at ease. And that is wonderful.

Maybe, for you, success means that you are a freelancer. Maybe your passion means more than your profit. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have the two be the same. It means that you don’t do the same thing every day and that you have to pay attention to your cash flow a bit more. But it’s ok because you love that each workday looks different. It’s ok because your mind is challenged by the constant change – and that fuels you. It’s what drives you. It keeps you moving forward, and that that is wonderful.

Maybe success is traveling the world, and meeting new people and finding new love wherever you plant your feet. Maybe you don’t want to be anchored to one place or person. Maybe the only anchor you want is the one that pulls you towards your next adventure. For you, that is success and fulfillment. For you, that is what your heart needs – adventure after adventure after adventure. It is wild, but there is beauty in the chaos – because it is yours.

Maybe success is a pretty house and a white fence and a spouse and 2.5 kids. Maybe there’s a dog, too. And your home is built with the bricks of warmth, and certainty, and consistency, and love. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life filled with adventure – it just means that the adventure looks a little different. It means choosing the people under that roof each and every day – that’s your brand of adventure. And that is beautiful.

Maybe your success has not been written yet. Maybe you cannot write what it is, maybe you can’t say it either. Maybe it’s a feeling that is bigger than words – perhaps the word for your version of success hasn’t been invented yet.


Whatever success means to you, I hope you find your definition from within. I hope the only comparison you make is with the you of yesterday, and the you of what you want tomorrow to bring.

That’s where growth happens. That’s where success is found.