I Hope We Are The Type Of Couple That Stays Together Forever


I hope that our life is full of love and happiness.

I don’t hope that you get me extravagant gifts on my birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day — but that you don’t run out of ways to show me your love every day.

I don’t hope that we take what we can from the time we have together — but that we stay together every single day for the rest of our lives, through it all.

I hope that we openly discuss our thoughts and dreams instead of storing them away to bring out on a rainy day.

I hope that we give compliments freely and sincerely even in our old age.

I hope that your arms are always welcoming and your heart is always warm.

I hope that you allow me to hold you up when you can’t be strong anymore.

I hope that we always fight with respect toward each other and never fight dirty or hit below the belt.

I hope that we continue to search for truth and joy in everything we do and never stop learning from each other.

I hope that we are happy from just being together listening to the rain pound on the rooftop.

I hope that you listen when I have something to share and give advice when I need help.

I hope that you let me be your best friend and so much more.

I hope that you laugh at my funny faces when I taste something sour.

I hope that your face lights up when I visit you spontaneously at work with a plate of cookies.

I hope that you laugh even when I make a terrible joke that I’m proud of.

I hope that just the touch of my hand takes away the stress of your day.

I hope that we continue to bring each other joy every day simply from being in each other’s lives. That you have no hindrances from asking me to marry you. And I promise to say yes without hesitation.