I Hope This Makes You Think Of Me


One day at 3AM in a little town in Italy, there I’ll be sitting out on a balcony and gazing out at the beautiful coast because you’ve somehow made your way back into my mind and you’re keeping me awake.

I’d contemplate sending you a text but will probably stop myself because it’s been months or maybe even years since I’ve last seen your face or heard your voice. I’d look back on our shared time and smile.

I’d remember asking you the question “If you could visit any country in the world right now that you’ve never been to, where would you go?” to which you replied, “Italy. To one of the smaller, quaint little towns with narrow roads and colorful buildings” and I immediately exclaimed, “SAME! I’d love to road trip Italy for a month and spend time in the smaller towns and not just in the main cities.”

I’d remember a time where I would fantasize of one day visiting this beautiful country with you, exploring the little coastal towns and trying to communicate with the locals despite the language barrier.

But there I’ll be out on the balcony in a little town on the coast of Italy at 3AM with only memories of you.

I’d close my eyes and say a little prayer for you. That one day it’d be you sitting out here on a balcony in Italy with your guitar, staring out at the beautiful coast and being so inspired to create beautiful music that I always loved. That you are currently so happy and content with life that love is all you give out to this world. That your heart’s desires are coming to past and your dreams becoming a reality. That you’ve found or will find love and someone to share life’s journey with.

And when you do one day find yourself sitting out on a balcony in a little town in Italy, it may or may not spark a memory of me and if it does, I pray you’d look back on it and smile the way I’d do too.