I Hope Someday You’ll No Longer Be The One That Got Away


Everyone has one. The one that slipped right through their fingertips. I met him when I was young, too young. I never fully let him in, yet he chose to love me with everything he had. He had a way with words. He was devastatingly handsome and didn’t even know it. Ocean blue eyes, contagious smile, deep dimples, full soft lips, and soft dark brown hair. His memories and emotions I keep away in archives, but I won’t deny that from time to time, I’ll remember the way I felt when he was holding me. I was safe in those arms, and I never wanted him to let go.

I’ll always remember the way he hugged me from behind and how he kissed me gently on my cheek. The nights he played his guitar while I sang our favorite songs were my favorite. The feeling was indescribable. I never wanted the moments to end. He made me want to become a better person, and I did. I told him my hopes and dreams, and he encouraged them. “Nothing is unreachable, and you can do anything you put your pretty mind and heart into.” Thats what he would say to me when I felt hopeless.

He helped me find my way, and that is something I’ll never forget. Perhaps we weren’t right for each other, or it was just bad timing. We needed to learn to live our lives without each other. I still remember the night I found out he got into Georgetown for law school. I was thrilled for him, but inside I was slowly dying. As much as I wanted him to stay with me, I couldn’t be the reason for him to give up his dream, so I let him go. And just like that, my best friend was gone.

The sad thing about life is that nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary. The people that once brought us happiness are no longer a part of our lives, but maybe that’s the way it was always supposed to be. He lives in London now, and I’m okay with him not being near me anymore because I have hope that one day we will run into each other in this big city we once called home, in our favorite coffee shop, and our eyes meet again. Except this time, we’ll be ready.