I Hope One Day We Can Meet Again And Give Us A Chance


When that day comes, I sincerely hope there will be room for you and me.

I hope someday we get to share more of our lives than just exchanging glances and catching smiles. I hope you will discover that I am more than just a pretty face and I will learn that you are more than just that guy behind those nerdy glasses. I hope we get to grab that coffee I have been thinking about and just simply spend the whole afternoon actually laughing at each other’s stories because we didn’t realize how good a cup of coffee could get until we had that coffee with one another. I hope you get to learn the nicknames my friends call me and that I could just make one exclusively for you.

I hope someday I’d have the chance to bring you to dinners with my girlfriends and they’ll talk about how lucky I am to have caught you. I hope someday you’ll bring me to one of your family parties. I’d be dressed up in a nice cocktail dress and you’d be suited up in that tuxedo, and your cousins would tell us how good we look together. And you’d just spend the entire night telling me how proud you are of me.

I hope someday we get to spend time instead of wasting it. I hope we get to spend it on a travel trip and get to create new memories we could look back and smile upon. I hope we could spend those time on late-night texts and chats and we’d fall asleep on each other because we’re too busy enjoying the conversation, neither of us would want to say goodnight first. I hope I get to spend time with you, knowing you, your friends or your family. Particularly, anything about you. I hope someday, I’d get to know how wonderful your soul is and by that time, I hope I could stop myself from falling madly in love.

But someday isn’t prime for us right now. Someday is yet to exist. Someday is like a forever ago or a forever to go. Someday may or may not happen at all.

Because what we have now, is today and today has been drastically rude to us.

Today never gave us the chance to converse, let alone talk. Today never gave us a chance to call our names the way we wanted to be called. Today never willed us to have that cup of coffee. Today wants us to waste time. Today wants us to be strangers.

Today, you are someone that I just know by name and not fully by heart and soul. Today, you are just like a memorized song, I know your lyrics but I don’t understand your meaning.

For now, I will leave you be. I will leave you to how happy you were and you still are. I’m glad to have bumped into you for the littlest time we passed by each other. It was a small bump, a minor one. But you shaped a little dent in me, a dent I won’t easily forget because that dent didn’t leave me as I was before I traversed your path. For now, I am walking a different pavement, a different crossroad. I look back and I see your shadow. It’s my only reminder that you were real, that somewhere, somehow our lanes intersected.

When everything else is well, when the universe finally conspires for “us”, when our souls are finally ready, when arrows are finally shot between those two little hearts, I hope I can finally get to call your name and I hope that’s exactly how you wanted it to be called. Then, we will be ready. Then I will realize that someday has finally come for us and we have met again.