I Have To Chase Storms, And Now You Are Nothing But Rain


You came into my life by storm. A raging summer thunderstorm One that changes the entire horizon in minutes, upon its arrival. By the time I noticed the clouds it was too late. Before I knew it, before I could stop it, I fell. We fell into one another so deeply it was maddening.

I knew from the first raindrop that you needed me to fall. You needed me, so you could stand. You buried yourself into me, needing to feel. You had lost your direction. I was the compass to help guide your way.

We both knew I was not the destination, but I did not let go.

I needed to feel, as you did. We needed one another. Neither one of us could find love in ourselves. When our souls aligned we craved one another, in the purest form. Everything else around us disappeared.

There was no logic. The storm kept it from us. We allowed the wind to carry them away. The rain washed away doubt. The thunder silenced responsibilities and lightning struck the compass. Allowing us to be lost together. Unforgettably in love and in lust.

We shared the dustiest corners of our minds. Breathing life into one another, like no one else could. We were like children on Christmas morning. Blissfully in love, unable to compare the feelings to anything we ever felt before. Believing that it could last forever and all we needed was this perfect storm.

And then, the storm ended.

As the clouds began to disappear the sun shone through them. Once again revealing our paths. Our storm had nurtured you.

It gave you the strength to move forward. Our beautiful chaos healed your soul in a way that only love can.

Just as the sun shone through a rainbow appeared in the stormy sky. I smiled, as I admired its beauty. A sadness crept into me. I know this kind of beauty only lasts a few moments, if you’re lucky.

Summer storms bring relief at times when the heat is sometimes unbearable. Much like the collision of two hearts that need saving. Rain and sun can nurture a rainbow, if they meet at the perfect moment. The beauty is far too intense to last. When it ends its a reminder of how amazing it was. The gift of a breathtaking memory to help you remember the moment you collided.

I can hear you calling my name, as I disappear. When the sun shone, your path was clear. You began following your compass. I begin to follow mine.

I am the rainbow which has no end. I can catch you, but I cannot be caught. I cannot be kept. As you realize this- you plead with me to stay. You cannot decide whether my path is beautiful or heartbreaking. I will always be caught somewhere between the storm and the sun. My inability to shine without the darkness terrifies you.

I whispered to you that I love you and I always will. There is a sadness to all beauty. Mine was no exception. You are able to shine without the storm. Your storm has come to an end. I cannot go. You cannot stay. I hope one day to cross paths with you again, when I find the sun.

For now- I must chase the storms; there are others who need the light.