‘I Have No Time’ Is NOT An Excuse


Too much have I heard this — not only from myself, but also from those around me. Why don’t you go work out? God I need a job but “I have no time”. Sorry but NO. Make time. The one thing I really need to work on is the ability to make time. Yeah I get it you may be working long weeks, studying, and taking care of a family but so what? If you want something then go and get it. Too long have I told myself within these past few years that I have no time. Too much time was wasted telling myself that I have no time.

My co-worker today told me today that I should work out because I am so skinny. My response, “I have no time”, and I straight up lied to his face. I felt guilty and dirty from it. The honest truth is I do have time. And you know what? He’s freaking right if I don’t like my physical body and I feel as if I need to put on weight or muscle then I should just do it.

I have no time is simply an excuse for me that covers the real truth behind my insecurities and weaknesses. Ever since I was born I was told I couldn’t do it. I will be nothing in life. I was born into this world with a disability. I have the inability to face my left palm towards me. I know it seems small but to me it means the world. I just couldn’t do the simple things in life. I always felt below everyone else. With this thought I developed this higher level of anxiety. It was this insecurity that stopped me from being confident. I never started working out because of it. I have always wanted to but I was always too damn afraid. I was too afraid to confront someone and ask if someone could guide me through the process. I used the excuse I have no time to cover it up. I just couldn’t face it.

I am done with the stupid excuse of having no time; it is time to own up to who I really am. I have the time.