I Have Forgiven You But I Certainly Don’t Want You Back


It’s the moments I remember that want me to be around you but my heart agrees with my mind once and for all.

It’s time for me to finish this book and start writing a new one. After all, I am the pen of my life.

I love you but it’ll never be enough, I gave you the chances and the endless opportunities to hope and wish you’d change but you never did. I was filled with empty promises that lead me to continuous disappointments but, I’ll still forgive you that’s the only thing I can afford to give you, to forgive.

I remember how naïve I was, I remember how I used to argue with people by saying, “I still believe in him, I know he’ll change, it just takes time”. I remember the days where I’d defend you no matter how wrong I was but, gladly I am awake now.

You left me, while I was dreaming about you and hoping for our bright future.

Message after message, without a single reply but I can clearly see that it’s ‘delivered,’ as the clock kept on ticking I asked myself if you’ll ever read my messages.

You left me in a position where I couldn’t feel myself but feeling numb was the only feeling I could feel.

I learned to live on my own and take the things I love and to leave behind the people who don’t deserve my presence.

One day, you’ll look back and you’ll say, “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me” and that’s the day, I’ll say, “I’m glad but, I have already walked a million miles and I have chosen the people I love the most to join this journey with me but you are certainly not one of them”

When you look back, remember that I loved you the most and was the one who was there for you when people rejected you the most and supported you even when I looked like a fool in front of them, though that’s not the matter because I stood up for something I was fighting and craving for.

Our journey was a roller coaster but I am more than happy to leave my seat and walk away.

But hey! Love makes us blind, you were a lesson not a mistake. – Thank you for being a great teacher, you certainly taught me what I deserve, so for that I’ll thank you.