I Have A Long Distance Relationship With My Gym


I am 21 and currently in a long distance relationship. And like many long distance relationships, when we’re together for that short time, it’s amazing. I’m on top of the world, and no one can stop me. And after the fact, the endorphins keep rushing to my head, and I kind of brag about it for a while. I want to tell my friends how amazing our time together was and how amazing life is for me in this moment. I try to sneak it into conversation, covering this huge smile that creeps across my face.

Before we even meet, there’s so much preparation. I shave my legs, put on a cute outfit – maybe even buy a new outfit, and make sure everything’s just perfect. I put my hair up so it doesn’t get in the way of us, and I have the right music for every activity. I even research tips online – finding anything new to try. And there’s a lot of thought that goes into it. But it makes every visit worthwhile.

While we’re together, there are no distractions. I don’t check my phone, because I am fully focused on our time together. I don’t look in the mirror because I know what I look like and I don’t care because I’m not self-conscious. It’s exhilarating and I always find myself at this new level of complete ease.

Sometimes, I even think that maybe I’ll make it permanent. I’m over the short stints together, I’m going to change my life and my lifestyle and this long distance relationship is going to just be your everyday run of the mill relationship. I get to that point often.

And then I remember that I’d much rather relive the amazing short times and perfection of our visits. I realize that although I feel amazing during our visits, I hurt the next morning when its over and I realize that I’m just a person who is much more inclined to watch TV with my morning coffee than go to the gym. And that my relationship with the gym is just meant to stay long distance.

image – HealthGauge