Why Are We Teaching Teenage Girls Not To Send Nudes Instead Of Teaching Teenage Boys Not To Ask For Them?


Once in awhile (really more frequent than that) nudes are exposed of some or some high school girl has naked pictures of her passes around. She’s labeled a slut, easy, whore, with comments ruthlessly being made on her body and character.

Well I’m here to say that’s absolutely bullshit. What is wrong with our society?

Why is it that when a TEENAGE girl has nudes leaked, no one talks about the one that asked for them. While growing up all I was told was to say no and never give into temptation. But why should there anything to resist? Why aren’t we teaching boys to not even ask for nudes?

It’s almost as if its OKAY for a teenage boy to ask a girl for nudes, for her to expose her naked body for him through the so called privacy of the phone. Then if the girl does give in, why is it only ‘scandalous’ that she took the pictures? What about the asshole that passed them around?

Or in the case for celebrities, the assholes that hacked into the pictures? However all that matters is that she took these pictures and how she looks. Most of the time she had sent these pictures to someone she was in a relationship with, but no, she is still deemed a slut.

Does anyone even think about what’s going on in a girls head when she’s taking these pictures? What doesn’t make sense is that society makes it a point to say it’s wrong to send naked pictures, but then how come it’s okay for people to ask for them?

When a guy asks for the picture, it never is only one question then when the girl says no, he stops. No, usually the guy is pushing and pushing for it, making the girl feel special and wanted. IN this society, a lot of girls have self-esteem issues (surprise!) and to feel accepted by a guy is a great feeling, until it turns out only to be temporary.

I’m not saying it’s okay for any girl under 18 to send nudes, no. That’s child pornography and the person asking for them should go to jail. No, I’m saying that it’s not fair that all this blame is only going on the girl. To make it worse, her body is suddenly everyone’s’ business and she’s the only one that looks bad.

So much prosecution against women takes place, but what about media spotlight on the scumbag that insisted on releasing it. Why is there no emphasis on the action being taken against the hacker that INSISTED this was necessary?

I don’t think any celebrity should have to apologize for taking pictures and sending them especially if at the time she was so young. Being a young woman is hard, there’s insecurities, there’s the want to be accepted, basically there’s a ton of shit going on.

When asking for nudes, the guy is tricking the girl into trusting him. Time after time we hear stories about young girls who have their pictures passed around then end up killing themselves. However in this society we keep teaching girls that in order to be accepted or wanted they must bare skin. What kind of shit is that?

How about we teach boys not to ask for pictures? To respect a girl when she says no? To never put a girl in the position of sending nudes in the first place? Or if the guy gets the nude, once both are 18, to respect the woman by never exposing those nudes.

We are human. We have feelings and a mind and sometimes we get really confused. We’re not stupid, not at all, but at a young age it’s hard to decipher the right solution. But that doesn’t give the male sex the right to take advantage of that.

It’s bullshit for a woman to feel less because she sent a nude.

Maybe she felt good about her body and wanted to show it off to a guy she was interested in. Maybe he made her feel like shit if she didn’t. Maybe they were in a loving relationship and this was a way to spice things up. Whatever the reason was, it doesn’t sign off ANY right to distribute these pictures.