I Fell In Love With You At Your Worst


She was lucky to have you at your best, but I will be more than blessed to be with you at your worst.

I can’t imagine how you made her happy before, when the two of you were still together, when your laughs were louder, your smiles were wider, your jokes were funnier and your heart still whole. I envy her, for she had you when everything was still in place. She had you when you still had the strength to love. I, on the other hand, fell in love with you at your worst.

I fell in love with you when your laughs turned into cries, your smiles turned into frowns, when your jokes turned into silent sobs. I fell in love with you even when things weren’t in place. I fell in love with you when you had no more strength to love me back.

You built your world and planned for the future with her. You were her prince who swept her off her feet and at the same time her knight in shining armor that was always ready to save her. She was your everything.

Now, you’ve built your walls so high that I find it so hard to climb. The future might be a little bit blurry for you because you get so caught up in the past.

I may not be qualified to be a princess, but I will continue being the joker who never stops trying to make you laugh again.

I will be a knight in shining armor for you, even though the armor still might not help me save you from your own destruction. I don’t care. I’ll do it anyway, because you are my everything.

So, when you finally stop chasing that dead star, just know that I will just be standing right next to you. But while waiting, I fear of getting tired and slowly breaking myself while helping you become whole again. When that time comes, please do understand. I did my best.