I Fell For Him Again


It was the railway platform.
He fast-walked towards me, with pride.
I was seeing him after a full separate year.
He looked around, came and hugged me with a kiss on the forehead.
Peace and satisfaction rained. There, I fell for him. Again.

It was the road trip.
He was driving smooth in the French colonies.
I was smiling, enjoying each second.
He stopped in front of the flower stall and said, ‘pick one’.
I happily jumped on my seat, insane. There, I feel for him. Again.

It was the comfy bed.
He was keen as he charged a kiss.
‘Ah’ I shrieked as he bit my cheek.
He paused for a while and healed it with another soft kiss.
On my heart, it was his reign. There, I fell for him. Again.

It was the discotheque.
He was high and devoted to the beer.
I was sitting on the couch as I saw him coming towards me.
He was in content, never this happy before.
His creepy dance and gleaming eyes touched the vein.
There, I fell for him. Again.

It was the railway platform once more.
He was packing dinner for me.
I was quiet, trying to digest the upcoming.
He waved me goodbye and turned the other way.
His subtlety was in pain. There, I fell for him. Again.

It was early morning in my hostel room.
He must be in the dreamland, I thought.
I was about to go back to sleep.
Just then I received his text message
‘good morning love. I wish you were still here.’
His reliance shook my senses, my brain.
That is how; I fall for him, again and again.