I Dare You To Fall In Love


I dare you to fall in love.

No, not pick up a girl at the bar and fuck her till you’re sore.

I dare you to really fall in love.

I dare you to take her on a date – with flowers, and music, and candles, and wine.

I dare you to talk to her – to learn her heart before you memorize the curves of her body.

To see her fears, dreams and hopes before you switch off the lights,

I dare you.

I dare you to open up – your mind before your pants, your home before your bed.

I dare you to talk before you moan – talk about the weather, talk about your family, talk about anything.

But for heaven’s sake, talk before you stuff your tongue down her throat.

I dare you to call her – on a Tuesday afternoon, instead of a Friday night.

I dare you to see her – see her eyes before yours wander down to her breasts, see her smile before you see her naked – really, see her.

I dare you to let down your guard, to be vulnerable before taking control, to imagine the sensuality of making love instead of simply fucking the girl.

The girl I know you’ll talk about when you’re hanging with the guys tomorrow,

The girl I know you’ll think of – think of, but not talk to.

I dare you to take a deep breath and calm your nerves before you down the tequila –

I dare you to know her before you take her.


Maybe then you’ll see that she’s a human – a wonderful, breathing, living creature

And not just use-and-throw tissue paper.

Maybe you’ll see how her eyes light up when she’s talking about lights, and photographs, and Ed Sheeran.

Maybe you’ll hear the slight hitch in her voice when she’s telling you that she just wants to stay in today.

Maybe you’ll smell the fragrance – expensive sweet perfume mixed with the sweat, pain, and tears.

Maybe you’ll really fall in love.

And maybe you’ll know the true joy of making love instead of simply fucking the girl.