I Cannot Love You Anymore


Now I am sure, I loved you
Even now,
When you are far away
It’s hard for me to not fall in love with you,
Even more,
With every remembrance.

There has never been a night,
In which, I have fallen asleep
And not thought of you
Before closing my eyes

And so,
There has never been a dream
That’s been beautiful,
Without you.

I don’t know what should I say
Or how should I say
To you,
What I have felt and lived
For long
I have been loving you

Whilst hiding my love
I have been ignoring you
Whilst seeking you
And I have been yours, only yours
Whilst pretending I am someone else’s.

But now the issue is,
I have been missing you too much these days,
I have been howling at the moon these nights,
Crying for your name
And so I think
I have lost it,
I have lost the patience I long held
And my pen shivers to write
That, Ugh…

I cannot love you anymore

But still nor any less.
The fuel of my love
Has been consumed
In the fire of your love
So I cannot burn anymore
I am already ashened.

Even if we meet,
I lack the passion
I had for you
And my eyes see
No more that charm
They saw in you

Yet there’s still something to say;
Which to express,
We both are unable to.

And so in my darkest hours
I consider to move on,
Move away from you
And from your love.

It’s sad, but
It’s over

I must now go and sleep
And this night too
Before sleeping,
I will surely think of you
And how you were.

But till morrow,
To my deepest sorrow,
My star would have fallen
From the black sky
Where you still glitter.