I Believe In The Magic Of This World


I believe in the magic. I believe in the messiness of life, and I believe in embracing the messiness. I believe in rolling out of bed at sunrise for adventures with strangers, and I believe in strangers becoming family. I believe in coffee at midnight. I believe that the moon tells us stories, and I believe in warm, golden kisses from the sun. I believe in a car that’s always a little messy—tracks of dirt and sand that tell stories of 24 hour road trips and toes that were dipped into the infinite blue of the ocean at dawn. I believe in kisses with sunburnt lips under moonlight while purple flowers giggle. I believe hummingbirds are our angels, and I believe that bluebirds appear to us with messages for our hearts when we are lost, confused, and lonely. I believe in loving someone before you’ve met them. I believe life stories of those we meet on airplanes can change us forever. I believe in living bravely, wildly, fiercely, softly.

I believe in the love that breaks us. The love that shatters our every being, until it is just us—flesh, bone, blood, and throbbing hearts. I believe in the love that breaks us, because I believe that our hearts heal. I believe that after it’s all over and done, there will be even more love and softness in them than before. I believe that the tears turn to silk and the salt turns to sugar. I believe in love, and I believed in love even when my heart did not feel like it could move on. I believe in love when the sun is shining, and I believe in love when the fall leaves begin to turn brown from the arrival of winter. I believe in love when I am so scared I feel like I’m falling, and I believe that if we fall, we will see butterflies on the way down and land on soft green grass announcing spring’s first appearance. I believe in the space in between the old love and the one that awaits. The one that will move mountains. I believe in taking time alone to stand on empty beaches, talk to the ocean, dip our toes into the sweetness of this world. I believe in self-discovery. I believe in pen on paper at midnight and walks in the morning before the world wakes. I believe it is silly to define love by a single person when it is in the air we breathe, the birds that sing to us, and the laughter that slips from the lips of friends over dinner and warmth and wine.

I believe in coincidences being more than coincidences. I believe that all of the little moments in our lives are specks of stardust that make up entire constellations. I believe that when we ask for answers, the wind will reply with poignant discernment and the earth will shake. I believe in the magic. The unspoken, the unknown. The things we can’t quite explain, but the very things that weave our lives together and make them alive. The things that aren’t meant to be explained, only felt. I believe. I believe I believe I believe. I believe in the magic when rivers of tears are falling from our eyes, and I believe that those very tears will be the water that blooms wildflowers next to our favorite alpine lake. I believe, and will always believe, in the magic of this world that holds us.