I Believe In Loving Deeply


I believe in loving deeply. I also believe in being loved deeply. Being desperately in love may need some tempering at times, because a person would do themselves harm if they become so dependent on the love of another person that they forget how to care for themselves, or be themselves.

If you are madly in love, let him feel it in waves, not oceans, because lovers need to be able to breathe.

Also, if a man has no plan of action for the girl of his heart, it is only a promise, a dream. She should not fall at his feet. I have seen people give themselves away before, and the sentiments of the receiver become chilly and bland over time. Or they simply aren’t as devoted and faithful. Sometimes people want the novelty of being adored, without loving in return, and it is a personal choice whether or not you want to flatter someone’s heart who isn’t grateful for your love. Know what you deserve.

Know what you’re worth. Know what you have to offer.

Love is beautiful and worth it. It’s okay to tell someone you love them, or care about them if it’s true. I do often. Men will do crazy things for love. If they know you love them, and they care for you too, they will pursue being with you.

Just don’t give a man everything he wants before he does pursue you.

Save the crazy passionate love for a rainy night together in the future. Give him something to dream about and desire. Consider this in a business light. If you were to create an intricate and expensive piece of merchandise, and a person says “I really, really like this. I would love to have this.” would you say “Okay, it’s all yours! Every bit of it”? No. You would wait to see what they decide to do about it. You could tell them more about it, let them admire it, but you do not give it away free.

If you really do love him more than he loves you, he probably has felt it.