I Believe In A Life Full Of Love


I believe in love and long walks under the light of the moon. I believe in positivity and giving to others as often as possible. Spreading your light. Leaving people better than they were when you first met them. Changing the world, and leaving your mark with every step you take.

I believe laughter is the best medicine for our souls. I believe children are full of magic and we need to be guided by them just as much as they need to be guided by us.

I believe in good books. Fiction. New worlds to get lost in. Having your imagination run wild. I believe in limitlessly expanding your creativity. I believe in taking chances and doing things that are scary and weird.

I believe in late nights and early mornings. Lying in the grass watching the clouds drift by, losing track of time. Letting the sounds of the world wrap you up and carry you off. I believe in nature, the healing aspects of it, its perfection. I believe in miracles. I believe in gratitude. I believe in family that is both blood and non-blood related. I believe in unity and unconditional love.

I believe in second chances and keeping hope. I believe that unfortunate things will happen, but if you look hard enough you will see the beauty in every failure and lessons with every ounce of disappointment.

I believe in coffee and whiskey. I believe in wholesome food. Breakfast for dinner. Not counting calories. I believe in feeding our stomach with the same thing we feed our soul.

I believe in the music never dying. Buying flowers for no particular reason. Falling in love with yourself and spreading that love to everyone you come in contact with, even more so with those don’t particularly deserve it, because they’re often the ones who need it most.

I believe in travel and adventure. I believe in getting lost. I believe in having faith in strangers. I believe in surprises, growth, and change.

I believe in all of this, and I believe that we carry within us the ability to create a life worth living and a life worth falling in love over. Get going. Believe.

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