I Am Somehow Capable Of Completing You Too


I don’t know what I did in life to deserve you,
but I would go back and do it a million more times
if I had to to keep you.

You are everything wonderful
that I don’t even know
how to put into words.

I am so incredibly obsessed with you,
with knowing you,
with being in your presence,
with hearing you talk and laugh.

And with watching you.
I could watch you do anything
and it’s like I’m seeing it
for the first time.

I feel, every single day, so inadequate beside you,
because your greatness is so vast.

But you’re so perfect,
because every single day,
you show me something great about myself.
You never let me feel small.

But what you don’t know is,
all of these great things about me
are because of you.

You tell me I’m smart,
but you’re who encourages me
to keep learning and asking questions
and being curious.

You tell me I’m pretty,
but it’s because love makes anyone look good.

You tell me I’m a great friend,
but you’ve made me want to be the friend
to you, and others,
as you are to me.

And all of the things I’m not,
– like, good at math,
and observant,
and stable on my feet –
you are for me.

You are so wonderful,
that you take qualities from yourself,
and give them to me.
You are my calculator.
You are my eyes.
You are my rock.

And you love me so much
that you are willing to complete me.

And the best part of all of this
is that I am somehow, someway
capable of completing you, too.