I Am Ready To Grow Into The Cold With You


I am ready to grow into the cold with you.

To use these last days of warmth to gather all need so into hibernation we will go.

To use these last few days to wander outside in the golden, crunchy autumn beauty soaking in the falling light and crisp, fresh air.

Getting in these last movements as we prepare to join together in a cozy nest of life we create inside.

Slowing into a world of you and me in darkness and candlelight.

We will admire the changing world around us through the frosty window as we wrap up in each other like blankets.

Filling our lives with tastes, scents, sounds and sights inside.

Sinking deeper into each other’s soft touch as we lay by the cold window, creating our own heat at night and during the day.

Watching the beauty of earth drifting off into sleep.

Seeing how we will changer together and apart and we settle in side by side.

We have left quick movements and burning heat, pulling back from fast paced feet, to find a seat by the fire, hand in hand, conversation deep in desire.

I am ready to grow into the cold with you; more than you will ever know.

For you are the spark that set fire and built the warmth that heats me from within always flowing through every inch deep under my skin.

You carry the forest, the wind, the earth and the sky and I am ready to get cozy and cuddle up with you.

To pass and make meaning of the days and the time,

As we gracefully unwind,

Resting into the wonder and excitement of the unknown.

As weeks pass and it will begin to snow,

On the darkest, quietest night,

Love, life and passion we will know.