I Am More Than The Sum Of My Relationships


I can’t remember a time when I was introduced to somebody by a mutual friend without being introduced with a title: “We had Biology together,” or “I met her at that party.” Like I can’t be introduced without being tied to the introducer in the mind of my new acquaintance. He or she does not get the chance to learn me as I present myself; no, I must be known as a part of the life of our mutual friend.

We define others by their relationships.

We have different personas depending on our company. It isn’t socially acceptable to eat lunch alone, and introverts are seen as inadequate. Yes, human beings are inherently social, and relationships are important, but they are not worth losing a sense of self.

Any child who has had to create an imaginary friend will tell you. They know that no real human being can see exactly who you are, what your soul consists of, the thoughts that run through your mind. Their mothers have told them that they are unique, and they understand that that means there is a part of them nobody but them can ever know.

I am a Daughter, a Girlfriend, a Sister, a Student, a Friend. But I am also more than that. I am an individual, a person all by myself.

I am more than the sum of my relationships.

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image – krystian_o