I Am Fire, And You Have Always Been Wrong


A Girl Called Chaos

She was born during a blizzard

And has lived her life as a storm

Since that day.

She is a city with just one season

Bitter and dark with no light or warmth

And a voice made of wind chills

She is a naked tree stripped

Of fresh bark with desolate

And empty arms.

And she meets you

Who makes green leaves sprout

From her burnt and splintered branches

Seasons Change

He called me cold,

They all did.

It’s just the way you are, it’s why you are.

So I let them continue

To create frostbites on my skin

And icicles that grew from what they said

Icebergs formed when he would take a hammer

And pound my soul with hurtful words of his own

Avalanches took over and shook my bones

And all the while,

Deep inside my soul’s caves I churned

I knew I was not cold,

I was fire.

A cold so intense that it burned.

Last Words

I am told things such as:

You are too cold,

Too aloof

Too distant

Too eccentric.

And I hate to explain myself

I don’t understand why I should.

But this will be the only, the last.

Too cold? I am a girl who was born in the middle of a blizzard

There are hundreds of flames I kindle within myself

To lighten the icy cracks my heart has developed from people like you.

Too distant? No, because I am a supernova who’s pieces are strewn across the universe

My heart is the moon, my soul, the ocean.

I’ll always be here, stretched between the moon’s core and the bottom of the blue.

Too aloof? Eccentric? How so? I am my own, I’ll never be yours.

When have I ever shown a care for what you think or judge of me?

I have a great love of depths, I have a great fear of shallow living.

While you are skimming the beach with your toes,

I am underneath waves and salt,

I am becoming the stardust and atoms of the Milky Way,

At home.