I Accidentally Wore My Dad’s Sex Toy to Dinner In Middle School


In 7th grade, like many other pubescent girls, I went through a bit of a “Hot Topic” phase. Lots of rubber black bracelets, leather chokers, pants with suspenders…you get the idea.

One night, as my family was getting ready to go to dinner my dad asked my to get some quarters from his night stand to feed the parking meter in front of the restaurant. I went into his night stand, grabbed some quarters and noticed this really awesome bracelet.

It was black leather, with studs and a series of clasps so you could adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist. I didn’t remember buying this particular bracelet but I figured it was mine and I probably misplaced it and it ended up in my dad’s night stand junk drawer.

We’re halfway through dinner when my dad notices my wrist and literally spits his food out on the table and angrily asks me, “where did you get that bracelet?” I told him where I found it and he said, “you need to put that back as soon we we get home.”

I put it back and didn’t think about it again until years later when I stumbled upon a porn site where a male actor was wearing a familiar looking leather bracelet around his penis.

A feeling of hot, sweaty dread filled my veins as I had a flashback to that moment years before at the dinner table when my dad got angry at me for borrowing his special bracelet. I realized that I had gone out to a family dinner while wearing my father’s leather cock ring. And that’s probably the reason that I work in the adult industry today (behind the scenes).

A lot of people have asked me how big my wrist is. It’s normal size. Not giant penis size.

featured image – TheWristbandit

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