How Understanding Our Zodiac Signs Saved Our Relationship


I’ve never depended on the compatibility of zodiac signs especially when it comes to my dating life. I would usually get to know that person, hang out with them to see if we could click. I would investigate their past; who they’ve got involved with so far, what kind of circle of friends they’re in, where do they usually spend most of their time, of course without them knowing, because my pride. I’ll try to get as much details as I could have so I can come up on a more solid basis should I pursue a relationship with that person or not. Would it be worthwhile investing time and emotion?

I, as a Virgo, am a very mental person. I hate to be seen as emotionally weak. I am into details. I would overthink a situation until my head hurts then do my self-talking. I wouldn’t really argue with a partner as I know my words could cut like a knife, instead, I would state the obvious and wait for his clever comeback. Once I shutdown, it takes forever for me to open up again. Maybe that’s why I’m good at burning fucked-up bridges. I would usually build a wall, and wait if they can knock it down. I want a relationship where I can put all my insecurities on the back of the burner.

On the other hand, my boyfriend is a passionate Aries. He is highly competitive. He is very generous and enjoys sharing. He is a very spontaneous and fun guy but he may also seem too serious towards people who he isn’t comfortable with (yet). He can be quite a talker and hates being interrupted. He is direct and confrontational. He dislikes restrictions. He prefers to get things done quickly and on his own terms. He is tough and hates being vulnerable. However, he tends to forgive easier than one may think.

As you may have noticed, we’re polar opposites. During our many conflicts, I’d stay silent while he’d be confronting me and we’ll both end up frustrated. I would be thinking “why wouldn’t you shut up?!” while he might have been thinking, “why wouldn’t you speak up?!” It’s tiresome. We both assume that we’re right all the time which often leads to petty and silly fights. The only similarity we have is that we hate to be perceived as vulnerable so try as we might, we overpower each other in our own ways.

How did we overcome our differences? In 5 years, we’ve been on and off and had a hundred of break-ups and make-ups. We had a big fight during one of our out-of-towns which became our turning point. One evening after the incident, he messaged me with a screenshot of a quote about personality of Zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, it says “I’m always right, deal with it”. He wasn’t the type to believe in that kind of stuff, so I thought he was struck by its accuracy which urged him to send it to me. I was amazed on how very on point the quote was for the both of us. We laughed it off. We acknowledged that this similarity of ours is usually the cause of our petty fights. No one would like to compromise. Since then, we became conscious of this and we really tried hard to change it.

We still fight. We fight over little matters every now and then. But we usually deal with it as adults. We no longer wait for each other’s apologies before we humble ourselves. We try to think of our own shortcomings and apologize for it rather than thinking of what the other did to us and dwell with the pain it caused.

Knowing each other’s zodiac sign and its characteristics isn’t enough though; we had to understand the interests of our partner as well. We have to know where their thoughts and emotions come from. Someone could be sensitive on a particular matter and your zodiac sign won’t tell you that. Your zodiac sign wouldn’t tell your favorite food, color and places, and those trivial things also matter in a relationship.