How To Win Over The Heart Of A Daddy’s Girl


Daddy’s girls are said to be “typically spoiled and bratty. Usually, marries a push-over kinda guy that will treat her like her dad does. Any female who relies solely on daddy to pay for anything. Including rent, bills, etc.” – Urban Dictionary

Although this can be true for some girls, in the majority of the cases, daddy’s girls have a strong and special bond with their fathers, who has a big impact on their lives.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Daddy’s girl. The connection between a father and daughter is one of the most important relationships in this type of girl’s life, forever impacting her relationships with other men. Thus, as the dad figure plays an important role in her life, it would not be a proper walk in the park for a guy to capture the heart of a daddy’s girl.

So, if this is happening to you, here are some tips on how to make your move.

First of all, you should know that daddy’s girls have high standards in men, but don’t be scared. Her dad demonstrated her what she deserves in a man, by teaching her how she should be treated. You will probably understand since the first date that her dad is a solid example of a good man in her life and based on that she learned to recognised good people. Because she considers her dad as a role model, she knows what she need to look for in others and what type of guy she should go after. Needless to say, she tends to have high expectations when looking for a partner.

However, you should bare in mind that she knows how to love a man and most of all she knows that men love differently. Just treat her kindly with a mutual respect.

Encourage her always! Since she was little, her father was in the middle of the crowd at every school fair, award ceremony and even at dance recitals, supporting her. He has always supported her, by all means. He has encouraged her dreams and has financially supported them. He paid for dance lessons, language programs as well as for college and even if there were days in her life when she didn’t believe in herself, he did! He was there when she was learning to ride a bike in the middle of the street as well as when she was falling down the slopes trying to learn how to ski. Furthermore, even when she disappointed him, he was still there.

A daddy’s girl is strong and independent in the world, this leads her to want to be treated as an equal and an ally. Her father taught her to handle things on her own through a series of dude things like hanging a shelf on the wall, changing windshield wiper fluid, and cooking out of random household condiments. Thus, he made her who she is today. If you don’t want to irritate her don’t ask “darling can I park the car for you?” Daddy’s girls want a kind, caring and patience man, but they don’t need a babysitter.

So, even if sometimes you have the impression that she doesn’t need you, you should remember that she doesn’t need you but she can decide to choose you, every day. Along with her independence, she is a rebel and has a jokester side. Due to the closeness with her dad, she learned how to be silly, have fun and how to get revenge in a good way. Just start a fight with a water gun and she will not give up until you will be lying on the grass imploring her to stop.

Last but not least, consider the possibility that daddy’s girl unlike other girls, will push you to be a better man, because she has seen an example of a great guy her entire life.

Now that you know how important her relationship with her dad is to her, you should try and keep up with him. And even if she is worried she’ll never meet someone as great as him, you can be that guy.