How To Stop Hurting


People hurt and no matter how hard you try to escape and find your own idea of pure bliss, you just can’t avoid pain. You may have had your heart broken, or the other way around, you know it will definitely most probably hurt. Cry in pain, cuss like a sailor, write whatever, binge eat, if that’s how you cope then do it. What you need to realize is all if the coping, that’s temporary.

People need to realize that once you stop hurting, you stop being human. Pain is part of this cruel world, and it is only with pain that we can say, we have lived. What you need to know is that pain isn’t as ugly as people perceive it to be. Sure, getting your heart broken isn’t pretty but that’s the only way you’ll learn. That’s the only way to shake and wake you up. That’s the only way you’ll realize what happiness is, how important it is to get there.

You never realize how much power pain can bring you until you have experienced it. Do you think artists can craft masterpieces if they’re feeling indifferent? Do you think movies can create climatic scenes or produce happily ever afters if there was no pain involved? Pain is such a vital part of one’s life, it holds so much power. Power to let you feel, to let you reflect and realize things, to let you dust yourself off and let you get yourself up.

So go out there, be vulnerable, get hurt, and be human. Revel in the beauty of life, pain included. You don’t get to enjoy the ride without the little bumps, right?