How To Show Yourself Love Throughout The Year And Not Just On Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, a lot of us are starting to feel those all too familiar pangs of dread in the pit of our stomach. No, just me? Well, whether you are with a partner or not, society has placed great expectations on this often unwelcome holiday, whether you acknowledge it or not. It can also be triggering for a number of us, bringing up a host of unpleasant feelings that we just are not prepared to deal with at the time. Almost throwing it in our faces of how little we actually love ourselves or making us even doubt our relationships if things don’t go the way we planned or wanted them to go.

So why don’t we look at this holiday differently shall we? The goal should really be to figure out how to love and respect yourself, regardless of a stupid holiday. Who cares if you show your love only once a year? What about the rest of the year when we sacrifice our health and well-being on the regular by living a lifestyle that simply doesn’t work, eating like garbage, working a job we hate, losing sleep, or constantly stressing out. This is your opportunity to reclaim your power and step into self-love in a way that you have never considered before.

Every time you make a decision against what you want for yourself it is an act of self-sabotage. So let’s flip the switch, or change the narrative, and do the exact opposite of that. What do you want for yourself? Do you want to live a life where you feel healthy, energetic, joyful, and relaxed for the better part of the day? Ok, awesome! What steps do you need to take to get there? And we aren’t talking about a total lifestyle overhaul here either. We are referring to taking baby steps in the right direction.

What if you considered every thought you put into your head just like every piece of food that you put into your body? How would that change your perception of yourself? What if you scheduled regular alone time with yourself or went on solo dates just because. Wouldn’t that make you feel valued? Creating the time and space for yourself is so important within this hectic world that we live in. The pace of life moves so fast, so it becomes even more important to take intentional time to slow the heck down.

What if you created room in your budget to buy nicer meals, get that gym membership, or get your nails or hair done once a month? Wouldn’t that do a major number on your confidence levels? We often think it needs to be so complicated but the answer is actually super simple. Whatever you do that makes you feel good, do more of that. And if you aren’t doing anything right now, then find what lights you up. It can even be something seemingly dumb like going to a pet store and looking at all the cute kittens in the window.

Your main priority should be to live a life that is in alignment with your highest values. So take a moment to consider what is really important to you and go from there. Life certainly won’t be perfect, and the process will be incremental, but it will be so worth it and give you a sense of genuine fulfillment. We aren’t talking about the shallow kind of self-love here. We are going for soul shaking appreciation of the deepest version of you. So that being said, can you commit even an hour a week to yourself to work towards that?

Let’s be crystal clear for the people in the back, you don’t have to blow your budget to do this. Also, when you do things, make sure they aren’t coming from a place of insecurity or lack, but from that limitless abundance we all have access to. Start with something small. And hey, if showing yourself some love this Valentine’s Day looks like buying a box of chocolate and eating it all yourself while you watch a romantic comedy alone with your cat, then you do you!