How To Read 50 Books In 2014


Before you read this article, I just want you to know that there’s no real secret to this other than making the time to read. But it actually isn’t as difficult or boring as it seems, and reading 50 books a year, or one book a week, is very possible if you are persistent and make a habit of reading.

1. Divide the book into sections.

If it’s a 265 page book, for example, divide that number by seven and you would have to read 37.8 pages a day… rounded up to 40. Although 40 pages may sound like a lot, but the average reader can read one page in one minute, so you could probably read those 40 pages in 40 minutes. That’s less than an hour a day! And after a while of reading every day, you’ll naturally become a faster reader.

2. Make it a habit.

In order to read about an hour a day, you have two options: Get it out of the way and read those 40 pages in one sitting, or take the book with you everywhere you go and read little bits and pieces. If you’re busy with things like… your LIFE, then it’s probably better for you to read in small bursts. Read on the bus, at red lights, while waiting, on your lunch break, and if at the end of the day you haven’t read all 40 pages yet, read before falling asleep. It won’t take too long, and you’ll fall asleep with something other than facebook on your mind.

3. Keep a record of the books you read.

And remember to have books prepared for next week. I like to start a book every Monday and pick one out on Sundays. Goodreads is an excellent website and app for documenting the books you read, rating them, and finding similar books. You can even set goals for reading and it marks your progress as a percentage throughout the year.

4. And lastly, read books you like!

People who don’t read tend to assume that reading is boring because they were probably forced to read a boring book in school, or they’ve just never come across a book that interests them. You wouldn’t imagine how many times I’ve come across people who say they haven’t read a book since high school, and it makes me a little sad, because reading is one of the most valuable things we can do with our minds. Don’t read Jane Austen if you would prefer a Chuck Palahniuk book.  I generally give books two chapters, and if I don’t like the writing, or there’s nothing particularly outstanding about it, I put it down and start a new one. You are in no way obligated to finish a book you don’t like, but find your reading interests and read them! After a couple of months of reading, you’ll be happy you did.