How To Move On From The Worst Kind Of Heartbreak



I write this article in order not to make anyone else experience the same mistake in love as I did.

I am a believer of God and I want to help save people not to drown and not to fall.

This is the kind of pain I do not want anyone else to experience because the hurt is just too much to take in.

Imagine getting into countless numbers of heartbreak and then suddenly, you found someone who you thought saw you as the best thing that ever happened in his life and calls you his “diamond” and “treasure.”

Imagine being with that person all the way every single day: getting ice cream together, going to class together, watching movies together, and just doing different sort of things together.

Imagine exchanging each other countless numbers of promises and dreams for each other and years were not even enough to explain them, because you both knew you would spend the lifetime together forever.

Imagine having your future and wedding all set for each other…

Imagine not thinking about worrying not being together because you were already that sure with each other…

But then one day…

You end up learning that it was all true…

He is not good enough for you. He is not for you. Most of all, he does not deserve you.

I do not know what kind of nightmare I got myself into.

I do not know what sin or what else I had done in my life to deserve such kind of tragedy — a tragedy that is worse than what you all could think of.

You would all usually hear about stories of break up because they had been cheated on, but it hurts more to love the person so genuinely that you loved most out of all-knowing that he did not love you — he just used you. 

 Because they said he was a psychopath.

A bad one.

He was a sex maniac.

He has a problem in his brain and within two years of knowing him there were no trace of evidence I could possibly think of that he could do such things to me that in him, I even concluded that I will not be cheated on and just thinking about the fact that the worst got on me is haunting me.

He was too good at hiding, pretending and lying.

I was not only cheated on with many other women while we were still together, he was also using me only for show.

All the good memories and times we had together were all just lies, and I cannot comprehend how such person could put up a good show.

Evidences as time passed by really did prove that he did not really love me because he actually wanted someone else, and the mere fact he cannot have that person, he just went to me, so that he would just have someone while he has no one.

What a wasted love for someone who would do these things to a kind human being.

Never lie to anyone or mostly to your family about love, my friends.

Maybe start considering things. Start using your instincts. Start listening to rumors. Stop ignoring negative things. All those words and stories exist for a reason.

They are right when they say that kind of love is not good enough for you,

They are right when they say that this boy may not be good for you,

They are right when they say that they really love you and they want to protect you,

They are right when they say that there is no future with the man that you are holding on to,

They are right – mostly always.

Be careful not to fall in the same trap as I did.

Because I did for years now and I just knew.

Still, even though I felt the worst kind of heartbreak, it’s okay, because at least now, I already knew and am moving on.

At least I already learned,

And at least, God saved me from this toxic kind of relationship.

Enjoy your life to the fullest in the real kind of love and not like this.

However, if ever you also experienced something like this, its okay, because the pain that you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.

God will fight for you.

God will.

Just like how He did for me.

Just wait and see.