How To Make Your Space Feel Like Home


Every time September rolls around, that means young adults moving away for a job, lugging belongings to college, or just getting a new place with friends or a person you love. Which also means your new space will be a totally blank canvas for you to put your creative mark on, and, though it can be such a blissful unbelievably freeing feeling, sometimes it can feel a little bit overwhelming too. Blank walls are promising, but they can also be intimidating, especially if you’re a college student on a budget or just can’t spend hundreds of dollars at a furniture store. I was in the same exact position, and, with a little time and saving, I was able to create my apartment into a space that I feel at home in. Here’s the little tips I put together so hopefully your new space can feel cozy and warm too.


When you live in a city or a place that isn’t exactly surrounded by green, it can make such a difference if you add flowers or plants to your space. It will make it feel open, clean, and inspiring if you just think about the little pots breathing in the sunlight and air. It’s almost like you have your own buddies! But seriously, there’s such a rewarding feeling when you water them and leave them being beautiful on your window sill.


Adding candles is another way to lighten up your environment and make it feel cozy. There’s nothing better than coming home, lighting a cinnamon candle, and getting lost in a new book. Even if you’re doing a ‘drab’ task like laundry or studying, having candles flicker against your walls and give off your favorite scent will make those tasks feel a little less monotonous.


Personally, I love having a record player and collecting my favorites records and having that to listen to, but you totally don’t have to have one just to make your space feel calming. Even if you blast acoustic songs on your laptop, having music playing constantly will make you feel inspired and really enhance whatever mood you want your space to have. I love watching the record player spin and making breakfast in the morning or just scoping my favorite 8tracks playlists and listening to those while doing work.


It’s also very inspiring when you can visibly see the things in your space that make you tick. For me, I love having a clothing rack because it shows me what my style is and enhances where my wardrobe is heading. Whether it be your favorite books, movies, cameras, artists…your environment will feel more like you if you display what you love and not shove it somewhere in a closet.


Lastly, to make your new abode feel like home, I really recommend putting up pictures or cutouts on your walls. Again, its another thing that will just inspire you and make your home feel personal. I cut out pictures from Tumblr, made an ‘autumn inspiration board’, and also decked out my walls in my favorite images. I love laying on my bed and admiring them all; it fills me with a sense of who I am and what I admire.

I truly hope this helps with decorating your space and that you won’t be intimidated when you see those white walls! Feel inspired, it’s a new blank page in your wonderful book of life experiences and it’s you whose writing it.