How To Love People Who Know Pain Like The Back Of Their Hand


You must be willing to put up during the days when they feel insecure. When they feel vulnerable and ugly. And when they feel they are simply not good enough for you. Or for anyone.

These people have been through so much and they just tend to blow everyone off within a 10 mile radius because they are scared of feeling anything. They are used to just pain and any other feelings apart from that will just cast doubts upon them. They don’t sit well with the idea that someone cares. That someone will put an effort to make them smile. Joy is a foreign feeling to them. They don’t know what it’s like to be appreciated. They are only used to weak blows of disappointments.

If you are willing to love people who know pain like the back of their hands, your patience should be sky high. These people will reject you from time to time. They like you but they know too well that wherever this leads to, will just cause them pain, eventually. These people are jaded and they feel like sooner or later, you will just leave – like the rest of them did. They may crave for your attention now and then send you away the next minute. They need your utmost understanding and assurance. These people are damaged souls. They have the tendency to not be very trusting. They have been hurt pretty bad. Have been rejected countless of times.

You must understand that they didn’t choose to be this way – but sometimes life is just too unkind. They were once in a great place. They were once just like you. Normal. Carefree. Even happy. That’s why people who know pain like the back of their hands have stone hearts. It takes real love and compassion to break their walls and penetrate the layers of their defense. It takes pure intentions and a kind heart to let them know that you’re not like the rest. That you see them as imperfect and it doesn’t matter.

Appreciate them. Love them. And when they love you back, it will be the best love you can ever get because these people know what it’s like to live without love.

How do I know all these? Because like them, I also know pain like the back of my hand.