How To Let Go Of Someone You Love


1. Delete and throw away every single thing that will remind you of that person.

Every picture, gift, conversation and even contact number. You must block his/her social media accounts. It’s not an act of bitterness; it’s an act of helping yourself out. It will help you to stop yourself from checking him every time and make you realize that it’s all over. That you’re all alone right now. It will be the first and hardest step of letting go because you got used to do all these things before. There will be times that you’ll get tempted to reread and reminisce but in order to forget, you must delete. Learn to live and be happy again without that person. Reformat your whole system, but this time, without his/her presence.

2. Be stronger than your emotions.

Everything starts in the mind. Don’t let things around you influence you to dwell in the past. Empty your mind. Don’t let your emotions control your day. Take responsibility. Start your day with a little motivation that you won’t think of him or her for the rest of your day. If you decided to move on, make a plan and then stick to it every single time. Divert your attention to things that won’t remind you of her/him. Create and find your own source of happiness. Make yourself busy and when you’re alone, pray. It can help you a lot. There’s no trick in moving on, but if you learn how to be stronger and control your emotions, you’ll get over it sooner than you thought.

3. Accept.

We all know that it’s an act of unloading all your emotional baggage that you’re carrying all this time. But it’s not an easy process to forget and accept everything, because it’s the most painful stage of healing and it doesn’t happen overnight. So, give yourself time to grieve and feel your feelings. Embrace the pain. Remember, if you can fall in love for someone who’s completely wrong for you, imagine how hard you can fall for someone who is perfect for you. Maybe this person didn’t love or treat you as you deserved, but someone else will. Use the situation as a learning experience for you. You still have a lot to learn about life and yourself. Stop regretting, asking questions and making thoughts, it will just hinder you from moving on. You’re all alone and it’s the perfect time to rebuild yourself. Reconnect with the people around you. Create new memories. Surround yourself with positivity. Accept the fact that everything has been already over. You can’t fix it anymore. You’ll never be the same as before, but it’s okay. Forgive him. Forgive yourself and keep moving.

4. Know that you will feel the same pain every night if you still choose to be alone and if you don’t help yourself to move on.

Don’t be afraid to continue things that you do even if it can remind you of him or her. Don’t be afraid to listen to your favorite music even though you can hear him/her singing it in front of you. The world won’t adjust just because he or she left you. Life won’t stop just because you’re hurt. Get used to the pain and live by yourself again like what you’re doing before he/she came into your life, as if he/she never existed. It’s okay to cry, but don’t make it last for a lifetime. Don’t dwell too much on the past because you are not living there anymore. Forgive yourself and accept everything.

Remember, life is a race and it’s okay to rest for a while, but in order to get into the finish line, you must stand up and start to run again. Always look on the brighter side of every situation. Get ready because greater things are coming your way.

Be free. Run. Explore, let go.