How To Fall In Love With An ENFJ


I’m an ENFJ.
And this is what my mind says.

I feel the happiest when I get to make people happy.
The most satisfying thing to do is to reach out and help.
To ask them if they need anything.
To take care of their needs so they don’t feel overwhelmed.
To be able to be there for them and just know that my presence affects them.
To be the shoulder to cry on. And be the stronger one for them.
To pull someone up when they feel like they’re drowning.
To be able to tell them how amazing they are. And make them feel good about it,
Not to make them like me, but to make them like themselves more.

But sometimes, I wonder what it’s like,
To have someone with an effort to make me happy.
To be asked if I need anything.
To be reached out to and got the help I need.
To be taken care of my own overwhelmingness.
To have someone here for me, and feel their presence affecting me.
To have the shoulder to cry on. Because I’m not as strong as they think. I’m just simply being strong for them.
To be pulled up even when I already drowned.
To have someone to tell me how amazing I am, and make me feel appreciated.
Not to make me like them, but to make me appreciate myself more.

Because all this time,
I’ve been making the effort to keep myself happy.
I’ve been asking if I need something.
I’ve been helping myself out.
I’ve been keeping it all together whenever I’m overwhelmed.
I’ve been all by myself.
I’ve been strong for my own self.
I’ve been trying not to drown even deeper.
I’ve been believing in myself of how amazing I am to be able to stand on my own two feet.
But appreciation comes from others. This is not my part.

I always wonder how it will be, if everything’s turned around.

If I’ll be the one who’s in need of crying, being happy, being helped, being accompanied, being saved, and just need of appreciation.

Who’ll be that someone?